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'A true influencer program': Inside Walmart's growing army of employee TikTokers

When Lauren Castle started interning at Walmart in 2011, she didn’t think she’d last more than a few months. Castle, who was enrolled in pharmacy school in Ohio, said she was “100% certain that I would stay with a small, independent pharmacy and open my pharmacy one day,” Castle told Modern Retail in a phone interview. But while interning at Walmart, she said, “I absolutely fell in love with it.”…

The employee influencer program checklist: 3 expert tips

Experts across content management platforms share the pillars of top-performing programs.

In 2010, retailers’ influencer wish lists included sports stars, movie stars, and a Kardashian or two. In 2021, those lists are just staff rosters. 

When store employees post unfiltered glimpses behind retail’s frontlines, they garner thousands, sometimes millions, of views and likes—social media metrics that aren’t too far from traditional influencers’. Recent hits range from a Starbucks barista running down new menu items (35.2k views) to an ex-Ikea employee roasting customers’ FAQs (5.2 million views).

That’s organic engagement that blue check accounts can’t buy. So retailers are trying to replicate it another way: by casting their store workers in new and HQ-approved influencer programs. 

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